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Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re looking for the perfect wines to go with a long-awaited Thanksgiving feast, look no further than Italy’s extensive range of food-friendly bottles. Whether you’re hoping to pour a shimmering sparkler or a winsome white, a robust red or delectable digestif, Italian wines make the ideal dinner guest at your Thanksgiving table. 



Let a delicious white vin col fondo launch your Thanksgiving with a sparkle of good cheer. This wine’s apple, pear, and bread crust bouquet makes it perfect for delicate first courses like fish or sopressa—a wine to savor in the company of family and friends. For an aperitif, a beautifully pearlescent Fior D’Arancio is an excellent option to whet your appetite. Serve this refined wine lightly chilled and enjoy the distinct citrus scent of orange groves. For an effervescent touch of glamor, an expressive small-batch Prosecco pairs well with classic appetizers like shrimp cocktail and crab cakes. 

Suggested Wines:
Caneva da Nani Frizzante “El Vin Col Fondo” ($19.99)
Lovo Colli Eueganei Fior D’Arancio ($16.99)  
Lovo Prosecco ($16.99)



An Italian white wine is the perfect pairing not only for veal and seafood dishes but also for turkey and sides. From the Alto Adige region, the Terlano Pinot Grigio’s mild finish and balanced acidity make it a mellow yet elegant companion. Its counterpart, the varietal Terlano Pinot Bianco, blends pear fruit and quince aromas with a strong mineral quality. A Verdicchio D.O.C. from the Marche region is a wonderful off-dry and fruity option that benefits from an extra month on the vine. Bristling and clean, an award-winning Soave Classico from Veneto delights with notes of granite, citrus, green apple, and ripe mango.


Suggested Wines: 

Terlano Pinot Bianco ($21.99) and Pinot Grigio ($19.99)
Marchetti Tenuta del Cavaliere Verdicchio ($18.99) 
Monte Tondo Soave Classico ($15.99)




Food-friendly and rich, Italian red wines are a match made in heaven with Thanksgiving dinner. Made from native grapes in the Umbrian region, an all-natural Litro Rosso bursts on the palate with notes of bright cherry, roasting herbs, and subtle smokiness. For lovers of dry wines, a Sasso Alto Barbera from indigenous Piedmont vines brings tangy and delicious notes of blueberry, cherry, and Kirsch. For a bold twist on traditional classics, a medium-bodied Rosso Veronese boasts dark cherries and a hint of lavender for complementing and elevating your favorite dishes. Nebbiolo devotees will love an intense, complex red wine whose serious depth and bright berry tastes transition into savory hints of iron, leather smoke, and tobacco.


Suggested Wines: 

Conestabile Della Staffa Litro Rosso ($24.99) 
Giordano Lombardo Sasso Alto Barbera ($18.99) 
L’Arco Roddo del Veronese ($33.99)
Malveria Roero Nebbiolo ($19.99)



Did you remember to leave room for dessert? Pour an oak-aged late harvest wine to enhance apple and pecan pies or chocolate desserts with a balanced mix of tropical fruits, candied grapefruit peel, and caramel. Substituting a dessert cheese plate instead? Go for a sweet wine like a Vin Santo Chianti, whose velvety taste and complex scents of almond and orange work harmoniously with strong-flavored cheeses. If you’re feeling the sleepy effects of too much turkey, a velvety, oak-aged Barolo Chinato from the Verduno region, lightly chilled, acts as a delicious digestive after sumptuous second (or third) helpings.


Suggested Wines: 

Malvira Renesium Late Harvest ($25.49)
Poggio Salvi Vin Santo Del Chianti ($29.99) 
Fratelli Alessandria Barolo Chinato ($50.49)

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