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Why a DIY Pizza Kit is a Great Family Dinner Idea in Seattle

With everyone having different schedules, it can be tough to get your family to gather around the table to eat a meal, let alone make dinner together. A DIY pizza kit from a local restaurant is a great way to get the whole family involved with cooking and create a fun, inclusive atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. 

Everyone Can Help 

The best thing about making your own pizza is that everyone in the family will want to take part in it. You can even use it as an opportunity to teach basic cooking tips to younger kids. There are plenty of opportunities for  cooperation and teamwork to strengthen family ties.

Make It To Order

Even though a kit comes with all the ingredients you’ll need, you still have a lot of options for how your pizza will come out. From cooking times to the selection and arrangement of toppings, everyone gets a say in the dinner preparation.

Ready When You Are

With a DIY pizza kit, you don’t have to wait for the pizzeria to open or figure out who’s going to pick up your dinner. You can make dinner whenever it’s convenient for you and your family.  

Delicious DIY Pizza Kits Made for Seattle Residents

At Ciao Store, we have DIY pizza kits ready to go whenever you are. We’ve spent years building a strong reputation for authentic Italian flavors and ingredients, so you know you’ll be getting a healthy, flavorful meal your entire family will enjoy. And when you don’t feel like cooking at all, indulge in a well-made meal in our flagship restaurant. We even offer a wide range of gift baskets through our online store, plus a local wine club and catering services for all your important events. Contact us to learn more about our DIY pizza kits and leave the meal prep to us so you can spend more family time focused on each other.

Best DIY Pizza Kit in Seattle

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