Seasonal Additions to Your Charcuterie Board

Nothing complements an autumn harvest like a generous spread of delicious, perfectly composed Italian cheeses. Revel in Raschera and fall for Fior d’Arancio by adding our November cheese features to your seasonal charcuterie board. 

Caciotta al Tartufo

Made with a high quality blend of cow’s and sheep’s milk and aged for 60-75 days, Caciotta al Tartufo is one of the jewels of semi-soft truffle cheeses. Studded with generous amounts of black truffles, it’s a flavorful reminder of fall favorites like risottos, autumnal pastas, and game meats, making this cheese a luxurious charcuterie addition at an affordable price.

Occelli® Testun Malto e Whisky

When sipping malt whiskey (or drink of your choice) by a roaring fire, you need a cheese to match. From the Piemonte region of Italy, this farmstead cow’s milk cheese coats select wheels in malted barley and whiskey for a rustic look and flavor. After 14 months of aging, this cheese’s malty, nutty flavor is an excellent accompaniment to any cheese board.

Pecorino Foglie di Noci

Fall is premiere walnut harvesting time, and the delectable Pecorino Foglie di Noci is made with a rind rubbed with olive oil and aged with walnut leaves. Hailing from Emilia Romagna, Italy, this semi-firm cheese’s nutty aroma and flavor are perfectly at home alongside walnuts, almonds, and more on an elegant cheese plate.

Raschera DOP

Aged for about two months and relatively rare in the U.S., this natural-rind raw cow’s milk cheese contributes a smooth, buttery flavor and semi-soft texture. For a unique variation, try its mountain version, Raschera d’Alpeggio, a rich, semi-firm cheese made from the milk of herds grazed at 2,952 feet above sea level.

Casatica® di Bufala

This soft-ripened cheese owes its sweet, incredibly creamy nature to the rich milk of the Italian water buffalo. Made according to traditional Lombardian styles, the luscious Casatica di Bufala’s distinct earthiness and slight tang in the finish pairs beautifully with crunchy breads and crisp crackers. For a special treat, enjoy with a glass of something bubbly on the side.

Fior d’Arancio

For your showstopper, try a stunning soft blue cheese. Originating in Veneto, Italy, this cow’s milk cheese is placed in barrels, bathed for a month in Fior D’Arancio DOCG (a sweet wine produced with Moscato grapes), then aged on wooden planks. Thanks to the wine, Fior D’Arancio has a lush, full flavored taste with autumnal aromas of stone fruits as well as honey and orange blossom.

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