New Year, New Natural Wine

As we head into the new year, most people will start to, or already have, made drafts of their resolutions for 2021. One of the most common is a commitment to healthier living. However, as many of us wine-lovers know, it can be hard to stick to that and continue to enjoy what you drink. 

That’s why you should start drinking natural wine this year. Natural wine is a great, healthier alternative to traditional wine, and it usually tastes better, too.

What is Natural Wine?

Natural wine is very accurately named. Natural winemakers use traditional techniques that are thousands of years old to make an unadulterated fermented grape juice with no additives. 

This age-old method of making wine results in a cider-like flavor, though the exact notes can vary depending on the maker and the grapes. Most people that try natural wine never want to go back to traditional wine.

The Natural Wine-Making Process

There are two main parts to the natural wine-making process. First, wine-makers grow the grapes. Then, they ferment them.

The grapes used for natural wine are free from synthetic pesticides and herbicides, meaning you aren’t ingesting any of those chemicals. They’re also handpicked, so you know that only the best selection went into your wine.

Once they’ve harvested the grapes, wine-makers use native yeast to turn them into juice. Native yeast is the natural yeast floating around in the air.

Some natural wine-makers do add sulfites to the wine as a preservative and stabilizer. However, they use much less than traditional wine-makers, and the extremely small amounts only serve to keep the wine tasting great. 

Why Is It Good For Me?

The biggest benefit of natural wine is that it’s free of harsh, synthetic chemicals. You don’t have to worry about drinking artificially-produced pesticides or chemical additives. You can enjoy the excellent taste and feel great about what you’re drinking. 

Natural wine also has probiotic effects. Like other fermented products, such as kombucha, kimchi, and sourdough, natural wine contains lots of wild yeasts and gut-healthy bacteria to support your overall health.

Try a Natural Wine Today!

If you’re a wine-lover, you want to try natural wine. You’ll get an amazing and unique taste while avoiding unhealthy chemicals and additives. 

Those in the Island County area should head over and give us a visit. We offer a wide variety of wines, including natural ones, that you can try for yourself today. While you’re here, pair your favorite natural wine with a delicious Italian dinner or check out our Wine Club to try new wines each month!

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